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WATCH: Ellen Worthington creates a fall floral arrangement for WNEP-TV

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Making art with what is at hand.  

We represent a group of artisans working together to create products for your home both inside and out.  Arranging what nature provides captures its natural beauty in an exciting way.  We wish to attract attention to that which may be overlooked, for all is beautiful. We wish to present both our art, the art of others, and hope to help you to find items to express your own unique arrangements and displays.

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Handmade Wreaths

We aspire to bring you only the highest quality.

Drawing on our inspiration from the wild, we aspire to capture the comfort of the hearth, the abundance of the garden. We embrace using our gifts and talents, our technical skills, and experience to express ourselves and to bring your ideas to life.  We offer custom design tailored to your tastes and needs.


We harvest the materials for our designs from nature and craft them by hand.

Some of our items are created exclusively from what nature provides us in raw form.  Some are produced from natural materials that have man-made elements. All are created with the idea of the inspiration of the Poetry of Art and Motion.

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